Curtain fabric online India

Mintblues is one such website where customers can buy curtain fabric online at a low price from India. The high-quality curtain fabric is available in multiple patterns and fabrics. All products are latest as per the trend and highly in demand.

Curtain fabric texture

Our website is fully loaded with multiple curtain fabric textures that you just need to ideal use. Go grab a new set of curtains because the best way to furnish your home is you can choose the right color and texture of the curtains without a huge investment of renovating the whole house to get a new look.

Customize Curtain Fabric

At our curtain fabric online store you can get curtains fabric as per your size. Our website is designed in such a way that you can customize curtain fabric according to height, width, meter, and length. If you have a size for your requirement then you can just curtain fabric according to that size.

Curtain fabric wholesalers

Yes, you have heard right regardless of whether you are a curtain fabric wholesaler, reseller, dealer, distributor, exporter from India or anywhere you can buy curtains online at wholesale price. At Mintblue if you need fabric for the curtain in bulk then you can just connect with the customer service team and bulk quantity would be provided.

Low price Curtain Fabric

Finding the perfect fabric for the curtains with a luxurious, sophisticated, and rich look, we at Mintblues supply and manufacture every kind of fabric with a wide range of colors and patterns, and texture to give you amazing aesthetic vibes and space at a low and affordable price. Prices that you see on our websites are comparatively low compared to other curtain fabric online stores and even compared to the market. We have kept the most reasonable affordable price that will for sure fit under your budget. In fact you can even buy sofa fabric online at our store which made finest material.

Designer Fabric for Curtains:

We have designed curtains with the help of leading interior designers. Each designer curtain fabric has stylish patterns crafted by experts. This gives an extra charming look wherever it is applied. We have more than ten thousand designer curtain fabrics available for sale online.

Curtain material fabric

While you make a purchase for anything, the first thing that comes to mind is quality. The curtain fabric material which we have on our website is durable and long-lasting. Color and design printed on fabric will never fade away even if you wash with hard water. Fabric is so strong that it can absorb Sunlight for years without losing its charm. If you wish you can also ready made curtain online at our store which has some fixed sizes

Types curtain fabric

  1. You can buy velvet curtain fabric online at our store which is soft, thick, and luxury fabric that can be used anywhere in the home giving the home a formal and plush look due to heavyweight the pleats and curtain hangs beautifully and perfectly and even blocks the light and air out. The overall finish of velvet curtains gives the home a polished look. Velvet curtains are ideal to increase privacy.

  2. You can even buy cotton curtain fabric online at our store which is the most cost-effective curtain and can be customized into a curtain as thin as a t-shirt or as thick as canvas, mostly they are made into the cotton canvas to give them the stillness needed for the curtain, they are easily dyed and printed in any kind of pattern and color you want as per you home aesthetic.

  3. This one is popular on our website, you can buy polyester curtain fabric which is affordable and has good durability which makes it a commonly used fabric for curtains, they let us have the privacy needed and even are easy to clean. This fabric can be used for blackout curtains as they have no transparency. They are stain-resistant and they don’t even fade easily.

  4. Sheer curtains fabric is a beautiful, lightweight, and airy curtain that allows a little privacy and allows the light to come without turning the home into an ancient cave. Sheer curtains fabric comes in unlimited varieties of colors, textures, and styles suitable for every kind of place. They are almost made of chiffon or voile but can also be made from cotton, polyester, or a synthetic mix of both. The right-angle pattern can help you give a graceful look to your room. Sheer curtains fabric can also be paired with dark heavy curtain fabric of similar or contrasting colors this will result in giving the colors a layered look and you can even block out the transparency with the heavy curtains and enjoy the light during the day.

  5. Lace Curtains Fabric

    The second we hear about lace it brings back nostalgic memories of grandma’s house through lace curtains are ancient they bring a beautiful and elegant charm to your home. Lace curtains are never used alone; they are always paired with solid color hard curtain fabric so the unwanted light and air could be blocked. The myth of always finding lace in white is wrong, these days you can find lace curtains in many different colors. Though lace brings the countryside look to the home one always prefers having them just at the end of a curtain which makes the curtain half sheer and half lace to avoid overboard ancient curtains. Checkout Custom curtain online at our website where you will find multiple collection.

  6. Outdoor fabric curtain fabric

    Curtains are not only just used indoors but people also prefer using curtains on their outdoor patio to enjoy their privacy even outside the house. The fabric used for outdoor curtains is different than the indoor ones as it is made from heavy cotton canvas to make it more convenient for changing climates and durability-though outdoor curtains need more maintenance than the indoor ones because of mother nature. Outdoor curtains are usually in bold colors and sun resistant so they don’t fade out color. Even with all the precautions outdoor curtains should be periodically cleaned and changed.

  7. Drapery Curtain Fabric

    The most used curtain fabric which is designed solely for certain purposes, is common and one can always customize the drapery fabric in high quality. This fabric can be made from cotton, damask, linen, polyester, velvet, or any combination from said. As the fabric is heavy and thick it allows the curtain to lay still and hang nicely over the windows. They can be set as pinch pleats, standard pleats, or pencil pleats. They are easily available in different patterns and colors making it an easier choice for curtains for every kind of place.

  8. Silk Curtain Fabric

    If you want to add a luxury and sophisticated look to your home silk curtains are the best kind of fabric curtains one can choose. It is a natural fabric made from spider silk. It is one of the most durable fabrics which comes in many different patterns and colors. The advantage of silk curtains is the heavyweight which makes them stay still and hangs nicely over the window. It helps in blocking the light and even keeps the air out and warm during winter.

Uses of Curtain Fabric

  1. Framed Art

    Curtain fabric always comes with elegant and beautiful designs and texture which can be used as framed art and give your home a vintage and designer look, just cut out the focal design and frame and hang onto your desired wall.

  2. Canvas Art

    An amazing way to have instant and beautiful Wall decor: grab your convenient canvas (available in every nearby art and craft store) , cut out the desired fabric, and staple it down and tada you are done with beautiful wall art.

  3. Bulletin Board

    Get an old cork board, cut out curtain fabric into the shape of the board, and tightly tack it to the board. Stick your family pictures, post them, artwork anything.

  4. Headboards

    Fix a curtain rod above your bed a few inches higher and hang your desired curtain fabric to give your room a soft and elegant look. You can even stick the fabric over a larger canvas to give it a custom headboard feel.

How to choose the best fabric for you curtain

  1. Durability

    The foremost factor while choosing the curtain fabric is the durability of curtain fabric as many are stronger and some are more durable, if you don’t plan on changing your curtains regularly or on a frequent basis choosing the fabric with the longer durability is important.

  2. Thread count and weaving

    Not all the fabric companies take thread count into consideration the more the thread count the more luxurious it looks, thread count are taken into consideration when the user looks for luxury curtain fabrics. Weaving pattern is always different with different fabrics they play an important role in the visual aspects

  3. Width

    Taking width into consideration is important as with larger windows you don't want to add panels of curtain to make it look one as using many panels may affect its elegance.

  4. Price

    Don’t let the price interfere with your choice: find the best fabric with proper width, thread count, durability, weaving, color, pattern and then compare it to the best price.

  5. Weight

    Heavier the fabric the more still it looks and hangs perfectly as one needs but the heavier it gets it is difficult to fold it properly but if the curtains are lighter they won’t stay still and resist hanging properly but they are easier to fold.

  6. Use of curtains

    One of the most important factors is to consider the use of curtains as if you want it for a longer period of time as some fabrics tend to fade soon, are you using it in a room where light enters easily or where even at night there is a lot of artificial light, are you living in a place where cold wind is frequent? Do you need your home warmer? The list goes on.

  7. Colors and Patterns

    Not all fabrics offers a wide range of patterns or colors, some are preferably made for bold colors such as silk or velvet so finding the perfect pattern and color for your room is important before choosing the fabric

  8. Washing machine friendly or Dry clean only

    Not all fabrics are washing machine friendly and many need frequent cleaning and dry clean only so as per your convenience choose the best fabric

Why choose us?

We are a perfect place that will help you find a variety of curtains fabrics at just a click with an amazing price range, textures, and patterns. Just go to our online store, select your preferred curtain fabric and place the order. You can always contact us on our customer care and talk to our executive with all your queries about the same.