Customized curtains online india

Custom curtains are curtain fabrics measured according to your need, people these days love windows when they have a nicer view outside and they get those windows different from the standard window size. So to bring a convenient solution to this we at MINTBLUES manufacture curtain fabrics and supply them according to your measured length you mentioned. You can choose the width and length of curtains in inches.You can choose the fabric, color, pattern according to your taste and place your order even in bulk. For any queries you can contact our customer care executive. It is available in all sizes at an affordable and low price. Beside this we have also got ready made curtains online in various colors.

Types of Custom Curtain Available With us

Below are list of custom size curtains that you easily buy online from our store

  1. Curtains for living room with custom size

    Living room is a place which is used the most by you and even the people who visit your home. Keeping it up to the trend along with making it look luxurious is what we always wish for, here we at MINTBLUES provide an amazing range and variety of living room curtains.

  2. Curtains for Kitchen custom size

    Kitchen is the place where we need a great ambience to cook delicious food and having a good curtain is important to avoid unwanted sunlight and dust from the window. Here at MINTBLUES you’ll find great quality and dust resistant customize curtains which will provide everything you need.

  3. Curtains for bedroom custom size

    A place where we spend the most quality time of ours, APlace where all you need a little privacy and a peaceful ambiance where you can relax after a long day from work, here we at MINTBLUES provide blackout curtains which can help you avoid all the unwanted lights and help you sleep good at night, at MINTBLUES you get amazing prints on curtains which will help you give your room a luxurious look.

  4. Curtains for kids bedroom custom size

    The most beautiful room in our house, the one filled with colors and Positivity, providing your kids with the right curtains can help them feel more comfortable in their room, the right Fabric used can help them avoid the dust and lights which can give them a peaceful night along with a desired room.

  5. Curtains for office custom size

    Any place we are working turns out to be our office, and a right type of working space can increase our efficiency and mood. Too many dark curtains can dull your mood and too light can make it too bright. The right amount of thread counts in a curtain is as important as the fabric. The curtains shouldn't allow cold air or too much heat to avoid a discomfortable work space. We at MINTBLUES manufacture and supply the exact need of curtains for the office.

  6. Curtains for doors custom size

    Curtains are not always for window, people these days hang curtains as a decorative item, and to part a big space into two, but using a plain boring fabric/ cloth can make your room look lifeless, to provide you with one stop solution we at MINTBLUES supply beautiful and affordable low priced curtains to give you complete solution.

Tips to buy curtains online

  1. Color and pattern

    Think about the color and pattern before going on hunt for curtains because choosing the right color and pattern is important for any kind of place you want the curtains for.

  2. Width and length

    Width and length of the window or the place you want to hang your curtains is important before ordering a curtain fabric online is not all fabrics have the said width or length, you always need extra cloth at the edges and the curtain is going to gather at one or the other place so choose the width and length of the curtain likewise

  3. Choose a reputed fabric specialist

    Before ordering talk to customer care executive understand the fabric and everything you know about curtains

  4. Compare prices

    Choose two or more fabrics and then compare prices and other things such as durability, variety, thread counts and usages and then compare the price and choose which is the best one for you.

  5. Check the suppliers website

    Check the suppliers website and go through their return policy to know if you have to check anything at delivery, understand the product efficiency.

Advantage of customize curtains over blinds

  1. Curtains can be customized by length and style whereas blinds are fixed in the shape of window
  2. Curtains are flexible whereas blinds are rigid and fixed
  3. Curtains provide insulation where as blinds block it
  4. Curtains are easy to wash whereas blinds are difficult to disassemble and wash
  5. Curtains are easy to change and style whereas blinds give lesser option
  6. Curtains are cost effective whereas blinds are a little expensive
  7. Durability of curtains is longer than blinds