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Pillow cover online

Buy pillow covers online from India at a low price. Mintblues has got a wide range of pillow covers in cotton, plain, round white, etc. We have various patterns available in multiple colors. The covers made for pillows with fabric to protect them from dust and make them look like a decorative item is known as pillow covers.

After a while, we all want something different in our homes, so what is the best way to change the boring look into something stunning? BY CHANGING YOUR PILLOW COVERS, this is the easiest and cheapest way of changing the ambiance of a room.

What types of Pillow covers do we have?

Cotton Pillow cover

Cotton is one of the most commonly used fabrics due to its large production and versatility and affordable price, cotton is easily dyeable and can easily be patterned or designed the way one needs. Due to its softness, it is the most preferred Fabric used for pillow covers. Beside all this we have a pillow for sleeping at our website.

Plain Pillow cover

Plain pillow covers are widely used by our customers as they are suitable for any kind of bedsheet. If you have a bedsheet that is filled with floral designs or a kind of pattern then plain pillow covers would be an ideal match for you.

White Pillow cover

The most loved color is white, due to its ever blending characteristic people prefer white pillow covers to blend them among other solid colors and patterns. Plain white pillow covers are widely used in hotel industries to give their room an elegant and sophisticated look to recreate such an amazing setup. Add some white pillows and throw rugs into your boring bedroom to make it one of the most beautiful rooms in your home.

Pillow cover round

Round or cylindrical pillow can be the statement item of your home, with the bold and rich features they are widely liked and ideal to make your home a rich and luxurious looking Place. Sleeping with a cylindrical pillow can help you relieve the everyday pain of stiff posture.

Cotton Pillow covers wholesale

Mintblues is one such website where customers can buy wholesale pillow covers for business at a low price. In India, there are a lot of pillow cover wholesalers but we are different from all. The reason is the quality and price. We provide world-class and that nominal price.

Pillow cover manufacturer in India

Mintblues is the largest pillow cover manufacturer in India located in Surat city. We have our warehouse in the same city and bulk quantity is available. At present we are only shipping in India but soon we will be shipping globally.

There is mainly three designs of a pillow cover

  1. Oxford : With an opening at one side with an inside flap to tuck in the pillow.
  2. Housewife : A cover with a thick border which can be used as shams too.
  3. Bag: A cover with one side opening.

Pillow covers are made of following fabric

  1. Polyester

    Polyester is a man-made fabric which due to its heaviness can hold shape well and don’t wrinkle easily. Polyester is available in many designs and colors which make them user-friendly and attractive, polyester is more durable due to its wear and tear characteristic, and they are even fadeless. You can also buy polyester curtain fabric online at our store

  2. Satin and silk

    Satin and silk are the smoothest fabric that can help us reduce the friction between the skin/hair with a pillow and give us a peaceful sleep without us looking like a runaway animal. They even look luxurious and aesthetic which can give your place a desired look and elegance. In fact we also Readymade curtain online at our website

  3. Flannel

    A loosely weaved fabric made from cotton, wool, synthetic fibers or blends. They are available in a great number of varieties and colors which gives a user choice.

  4. Throw

    Throws are usually made from many different kinds of fabrics to give them the look they crave, they are usually made from fleece which is made from acrylic fibers giving it a soft, lightweight and extra warm features

How to know which pillow fabric is good for you

  1. Size

    Knowing your pillow cover size before deciding the fabric is important cause not all fabric look and stay still on larer pillows are not every fabric is wrinkle-free and not all fabric can be designed easily due to their stiffness

  2. Color, design and pattern

    Colors according to your place, adjusting into the hues of your place is important, Every color doesn't look the same on every fabric, some gives it a shiny finish whereas others give it a little more subtle look, designs and patterns play a vital role as they are what makes a pillow look beautiful.

  3. Fabric

    Choosing a fabric is crucial not all fabric goes with the color you are looking for, not all colors go with the fabric you are looking for cause there might be other fabric that might work well with the color you wish for.

  4. Durability

    Durability of anything is what we always seek, we always want our money to be worth it. Durability varies from fabric to fabric, and it also depends on the usage of the pillow cover. Some fabrics such as polyester have longer durability due to acrylic fibers used; they fade less whereas cotton, being a natural fiber, wrinkle easily and fades soon.

  5. Usage

    Do you want the pillow for decorative perspective or for comfort, do you want to use it in places you useless or is it going to be frequent in use? The usages of pillows play an important role in choosing the fabric cause not all fabric are suitable for frequent use.

  6. Price

    Don’t let price be the deciding factor cause the look you looking for in your perfect room may be compromised with price but find the best fabric and amazing color and pattern to give your room the elegance which was missing