Buy Sofa Upholstery Fabric Online India

Mintblues brings the best upholstery sofa fabric online at low price from India. We have various patterns available suitable for any kind of Sofa. You can blindly trust us regarding the quality and we only provide premium quality sheer curtains Online products. If you wish you can check our other range of Sofa fabric online at our store.

A heavy, thick, and stiff fabric that can be made from cotton, rayon, polyester, wool, linen etc. Due to the stiffness it is ideal for houses with kids and even upholstery fabric is stain resistant which makes it more convenient for buying. The durability of this fabric is great along with the softness it brings to furniture.

Jute fabric for sofa upholstery

Jute is one kind of textile fabric that comes from a plant known as jute. This fabric is used for making a wide range of products: bags, rope, upholstery, carpet etc. Jute fills in comparative circumstances to rice, and this plant is the most ideal to warm regions that have yearly storm seasons. This harvest can't fill in hard water, and surrounding mugginess levels of roughly 80% are essential for jute creation. Mintblues is one website where you will get thousands of best Jute fabric for sofa upholstery online at low price. Have a look with our massive cotton sofa fabric online collection, if you desire to buy some other fabric.

Striped upholstery fabric for sofa

Mintblues has a massive collection of striped upholstery fabric for sofa at a cheap price. You name the color and we have it for you. This gives an amazing look to the home and office.

Upholstery Sofa Fabric Manufacturer

Mintblue India’s largest Upholstery Sofa fabric manufacturer located in Surat and one can buy the product at wholesale price as well. We have a lot of Upholstery Sofa fabric dealers, distributors, exporters, traders and suppliers connected with us. In case you are a reseller then also you connect with us for bulk quantity.

Tips to buy upholstery sofa fabric online

The thing that differentiate upholstery with other fabrics is that it is tougher than other fabrics. It coats the sofa holding the material together and it is an ideal choice of sofa and chair as the usage of these furniture are the most you can check the durability by double rub rating.

  1. Before buying upholstery fabric make sure you ask the executive if it is for light, medium or heavy use as some might please to the eye but may wear out soon.
  2. A combination of cotton, rayon and polyester is great for a family room as it doesn’t wear out soon. avoid getting textured or heavy patterns on the sofa, couches which are too much in use.
  3. If you are looking for an urban look get upholstery of new colors on vintage sofa patterns but if going to get a spacious look go for light hues on those giant sofa’s you got.
  4. Don’t choose seasonal colors as trends change and keeping up with trends may not be budget friendly, so choose a color you think you can live with until you change them again. Dull colors may bring the lazy vibes and bright colors might prick in your eyes so finding a perfect contrasting color for those beautiful walls may work.
  5. Textured, strips, lines, checks are what we have presently at our online store with variety of color contrast at a very convenient price