Sofa fabric online

Mintblues is one of the most popular sofa fabric online shopping websites in India. We have got a wide range of sofa fabric in multiple colors and sizes. Our website is user friendly wherein a few minutes you can place orders online

Sofa Fabric material;

Sofa Fabric material is used to cover the raw sofa furniture. It is available in different colors, varieties, materials, patterns, and styles. All our sofa fabric cloth which we sell online is highly durable and longer-lasting. You can be assured that you will have superior quality fabric.

Customize Sofa Fabric

We understand everyone has a sofa in different sizes and you will need sofa fabric according to your desired size. Mintblues website has functionality where you can customize sofa fabric as per your need. Our sofa fabric can be customized on the basis of width and length. The first customized sofa fabric online shopping website where you can shop sofa fabric by giving inches and meters.

Sofa fabric price

Finding luxurious and rich-looking sofa fabrics is always one desire and getting them at a low and affordable price is one always wished for. We at Mintblues manufacture and supply every suitable kind of sofa fabric at a low and affordable price.

Sofa fabric manufacturer

India’s best sofa fabric manufacturer, supplier, distributor and exporter. Mintblues is based in Surat city and supplies sofa fabric to all over India and overseas. At our online store resellers can place an order for bulk quantity by contacting the customer services team. For sofa fabric retailers we provide fabric at wholesale price.

Sofa Fabric Catalog

A sofa fabric catalog is a list of all the colors available in a particular pattern and design, a buyer can purchase any one piece or either the whole catalog as per their convenience and need. You cannot place an order on our website for a catalog but yes you can definitely contact our customer service team if you would like to buy a sofa fabric catalog in bulk.

Types of Sofa fabric you can buy online at Mintblues

  1. You can buy Cotton sofa fabric online at our store. Cotton is a soft and fluffy staple that is made in a protective case on all sides of cotton seeds, it is usually spun and into yarn or thread to make comfortable, breathable, and soft Fabric
  2. You can buy Sofa Upholstery fabric online which is a form of thread or yarn made from any kind of material and knitted or woven into a thicker, heavier, and stiffer form of fabric.
  3. Another one is that you can buy Suede leather fabric for sofa which is made from the underside of an animal skin which gives the fabric an amazing texture and softness, it is always softer and thinner in contrast to other fabrics.
  4. This is the most popular one which is known as Velvet sofa fabric. Velvets are usually made from silk which makes them expensive, so these days velvets are made in two forms NATURAL and SYNTHETIC fiber. Velvet is said to be made from silk consisting of both rayon and silk and synthetic can be made from nylon, rayon, polyester, or viscose.
  5. You can shop Sofa Rexine Material and Rexine word has been in use for decades now which significantly means FAUX LEATHER MATERIAL, rexine is cloth-backed plastics. The whole point of rexine is to avoid leather for ethical and cost basis.

How to know which sofa fabric is best for you?

Buying a Sofa fabric is the most crucial and important purchase as it is not only the most central piece of attraction of your living room but a place to relax and gather with your family and friends, and with so many varieties and price ranges we always end up in a dilemma which to choose?

To choose the perfect Sofa fabric ask yourself this important set of questions

  • Do you want natural or synthetic fiber?

  • Real or natural? 

  • Light wear use or constant use? 

  • How much do you want to spend?

  • Last generations or wear and tear?

  • Leather- genuine or faux?

  • Whether using it in homes or high-end showrooms?


This is the important aspect before buying anything and when buying something as crucial as sofa fabric one always has a budget set according to the need and preference, you should always research the maintenance cost for better judgment before buying to ensure that you’ll be satisfied with your purchase for the long run.


Durability of the sofa is always dependent upon the people it is used by and which fabric is being used. Is it used in a room full of children or in offices with less usage? It is also determined by the threads and color of fabric the decision should be made on your lifestyle. Try to understand the different characteristics of each fabric.


Using DARKER SHADES if you have kids at your place so visible stains can be avoided, lighter shade for an elegant look, Using colors to match your room hues is as important as the fabric being used. Decide if you want your sofa to stand out or blend into the room, make sure to decide your future changes so the fabric doesn't turn out into a hindrance while redesigning the room.

Types of Fabric


Types of Fabric

The fabric must not be chosen as per only the interior but the type of furniture it is covering as some fabrics give formal looks while the others are suitable for casual. The fabric should fit in your space mood and vibes. Patterns on fabric play a vital role as bigger patterns are suitable for larger areas and mundane patterns and tones are better for cozy places.


Genuine leather is the most durable no doubt the most expensive it is the most comfortable and versatile 

Faux leather is more convenient as they are easily customized and are easy to clean and more animal and cost-friendly. Though they are not environmentally friendly.


Natural fabrics include silk, linen, cotton, and wool 

  • Silk and Linen

SILK and LINEN are the most elegant ones but are not convenient for daily use cause removing stains is difficult

  • Wool and Cotton

WOOL and COTTON are soft easily available kids friendly and they don’t wrinkle up early which makes them suitable for daily usage wool is somewhat stain-resistant whereas cotton is prone to stains

Synthetic fabrics

Synthetic fabrics are man-made fibers created from plastic-type fibers from PVC, polyamide, or polyester. They can be quite soft and easy to clean, are available in a wide range of colors and styles, and they are stronger than natural fabrics. They are popular in frequent use areas such as homes. They are treated during the weaving process to make the fabric a little more stain-resistant. 


Choosing patterns according to usage is one of the best ways to increase the durability of your furniture. Having raised patterns over sofas that are used frequently can wear out the fabric and can make it look older than it actually is. Using blending patterns or stand-out patterns depends upon the room.

Threads Count

 The more the number of threads the more the durability of the fabric. kids and pets at home need stronger and stain-resistant fabric. To check the thread counts of a fabric Hold the fabric over the window to see how much light is passing through, denser the fabric the more the durability and an average fabric has a 150 thread count choosing a thread count of 400 is recommended.

Why choose us?

Having a perfect, suitable, convenient sofa fabric is what we always look for but those are always compromised while looking for an attractive Sofa fabric so to get a one-stop solution for all your needs we at our store provide all kinds of fabrics with different patterns and styles as per need

At our online store, you can place an order for a single piece however if you need the entire catalog which consists of all designs then you can directly get in touch with the customer team by phone or email or you can even use the live chat option. The catalog is something in which you will get multiple pieces of the same pattern in various colors.