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Mintblues is the largest Velvet curtain fabric online supplier from India. Mintblues is located in Surat, Gujarat, India and exports amazing latest velvet fabric all over India and globally.

Velvet is derived from the Middle French word “velu” which means shaggy. It is made of silk, cotton or any synthetic fiber and is woven into a soft, heavy fabric with a little shiny appearance. It needs extra care while cleaning and they cannot be dry cleaned. Velvets have always been expensive because of the rich and luxurious look they provide and they have been made with silk before. Recently after the evolution of the textile industry velvet is available for everyone.Velvet has been always used for giving an aesthetic vibe to the place.

Velvet Curtains fabric for living room

Living room is one place where most of the time is spent by all family members and guests. This is the first room is noticed by any one who visits your home. Keeping all these factors in mind, we have designed velvet curtain fabric for living room in such a way that it will give an elegant look to your complete home.

Heavy velvet curtain fabric

This one is the most demanded product on our website and this is the reason we have listed a lot of heavy velvet curtain fabric that would decorate your home to the next level.

Velvet curtain fabric Red

If you think about velvet fabric then obviously red comes first in mind. We have red velvet curtain fabric along with a lot of custom size options. Please have a look with Velvet sofa fabric online available at our webiste.

Velvet blackout curtain fabric

We have a completely different category when it comes for getting blackout curtain fabric online. But when it comes to Velvet black curtain fabric online then no can beat us as we have multiple products available for the same requirement.

Velvet curtains fabric for bedroom

Bedroom is one place where privacy and peace is needed the most. Even the appearance of the bedroom matters the most and to have those, two things should be really good. One is your wallpaper and the second is a curtain. We have Velvet curtain fabric for bedroom that can be customized in various patterns and definitely it will match your room.

Advantages of Velvet Fabric

  1. The thickness of cloth can enclose the room and provide warmth during colder days
  2. Velvet helps in preventing dust and harmful organisms from entering.
  3. They can easily blend into different decor of any place.
  4. Due to heaviness they stay still and are not easy to wrinkle

Types of Velvet Fabric

  1. Plain weave with cut pile

    Knitting a base fabric with different needles and then lapping them together which is later slit into two different cut pile fabrics. This is the softer fabric which is used to make clothes
  2. Cut velvet

    This is cut inform of pattern from an uncut loop which later can be made into two types, this fabric is used to as decorative item in homes
  3. Crushed

    It is made by mechanical twisting it while wet. This fabric is used for clothes and in decorative form too.
  4. Panne

    Applying immense pressure on a pile in one direction produces this type
  5. Velveteen

    They resemble suede due to uniform distribution and are made of 100% cotton.
  6. Corduroy

    Corduroy is made by weaving a thread into vertical shape over the cloth, it is made of 100% cotton but can also contain polyester
  7. Embossed or brocade

    Embossed velvet is made by pile crushed at different places giving it a color difference and creating a pattern whereas brocades are made by weaving the fabric with different thread or cutting it in different sizes.
  8. Rayon or silk velvet

    Silk fabric are the most difficult fabric to work with, this is usually smooth but one can find embossed or brocade on silk fabric

Why velvet fabric is preferred for curtains

  1. Velvet curtains are trendy cause of the elegant factor they bring
  2. Due to heaviness and thickness it helps in keeping the cold out and adding more privacy to give a perfect environment to sleep.
  3. Using the right hues for your curtain depending upon the direct contact of sunlight can help you give the luxurious and rich you were looking for.
  4. Velvet also have noise resistant making it a ideal choice for busier streets

Decorative tips for velvet curtains

  1. Don’t use other home furnishing items of velvet when using velvet curtains, as everything of velvet may give you an outdated look, even after that if you wish to use such items distribute everything balanced in the room.
  2. Use natural fabrics to compliment velvet curtains they will help you give a casual look, and if you are opting for a luxurious look go for silk fabric.
  3. Velvet is known for its rich look which it can get from any color it is dyed into, Use colors according to your room hues to make the space more distinguished.
  4. It's like a fine wine gets better with age” Velvet aged gets better with its look, velvet curtains age less quickly compared to other velvet homeware but eventually they turn out more beautiful.